Lovin' Labradorite

Raw sliced blue labradorite stones

What can I say about labradorite...... It IS my favorite stone - I could literally be "Labradorite Lily"! The color flash that this naturally occurring stone has is unbelievable, considering some stones are treated to get this type of color! It originated in Labrador, Canada (hence the name), and is currently found around the world. The photo above shows some stones from Madagascar I currently have.

For those gem specialists, it is in the feldspar category and has a hardness of 6-6.5. For those of us that just love labradorite for its beauty and color variation, let me talk about what is said about the qualities that this stone attributes to its wearer. Labradorite is said to deflect negative energies. It is calming for the overactive mind and gives energy to the imagination.

Truly a beauty in my mind! Soon I will be slicing and polishing these beauties to make some fabulous jewelry! Stay tuned...... Terry

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