Grinding, Shaping & Polishing

First of all, let me apologize for the noise in my next videos. I knew that I could hear it, but completely forgot that you could too. And, of course, I was chatting about the process throughout, so if you have any questions about what the heck I was talking about, let me know.

I am using a desk-top model grinding/sanding/polishing machine from Ameritool Company. It comes with 5

different sanding/polishing discs. Each and every stone needs to go through all 5 of the sanding discs. I find it easiest to do a number of stones at the same time.

The motor has a variable speed control dial, a water reservoir (which adds drops of water to the sanding discs) and another reservoir to catch the stone water. Other people who facet and polish their own stones put the stone onto melted wax, which holds it onto the end of a wood stick/dowel. Since my stones tend to be on the larger end, I like to hold the stone with my fingers, so that I can feel the angle better.

The first sanding disc is a "diamond disc", which has the same surface as a diamond cutting blade or grinding tool. It will smooth out rough edges, give you facets, or round out edges. I turn the water reservoir on so that there is a slight drip onto the disc, turn the motor on and start the process. Enjoy..... and plug your ears!

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