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Hello!  I'm Terry Kinney, designer and creator of Glacier Lily Jewelry.  I hope you've enjoyed my website gallery.  I create each piece specifically to order.  I am located in the Columbia River Gorge Area, in Underwood WA.  My husband Dan and I moved from Madison, WI in 1996 to this area and absolutely love the life-style we have created for ourselves. 

My jewelry is sold at the Chemistry Jewelry Gallery at 310 Oak St., Hood River OR (where I have also worked since 1999) (541)386-7069 (  I also sell Glacier Lily at "Bedouin", 143 E. Hood Ave., Sisters, OR (541)549-3079 (

I love making special order pieces for customers and keeping the stores full of new jewels.  I'm hoping that this website will give you an idea of what I can create for you.  As I make new pieces, they will be added to this website, so check back often!   

Contact the gals at either of the stores or contact me at (and please refer to any jewelry by it's item number or description, if given).  Thanks for visiting and come and see me at the Hood River location on the weekends!  Terry




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